Winter Blues

Let’s talk about something that effects many people! Winter depression (winter blues) The leaves are changing along with the temperature, the winter solstice isn’t far! How can we aid our body and mental health through the changing seasons?
1. Take a vitamin D supplement with less sunshine during the winter, you body doesn’t store vitamin D.

2. Nutrition with the holidays and cold weather we look forward to comfort food, but remember that good food makes a positive difference on your mental health.

3. Exercise when possible (outside when you can) try adding in a steady winter yoga practice or a cool brisk walk! Find a workout partner to keep you accountable during the cold winter days!

4.  Schedule fun activities, put things on you calendar and show up! Game nights, acro yoga, baking parties, crafts, start journaling. Be creative!

Yoga poses that will cleanse the body and mind: -Reclined twists
-Knees to chest
-plank pose
-down dog
-warrior 2
-humble warrior -chair pose
-low lunge
– half split

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