Full Moon Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony and Sound Journey


October 26th



Used by ancient Egyptians, Blue Lotus is a water Lilly native to Egypt and certain parts of Asia. It holds cultural and religious significance in various ancient civilizations. In ancient Egypt it was highly regarded as a sacred plant, and was associated with the sun god RA and the afterlife.
The Lotus is often found in ancient art.
In Ancient Greece and Rome the blue lotus was considered a symbol of purity.

Benefits of Blue Lotus:
-Awakens your consciousness
-Helps you feel euphoric and at a higher frequency & raises your vibration
-Opens the third eye chakra
-Opens intuition
-Can help induce a meditative state
-Can assist and help with insomnia, anxiety,
relaxation, calming, & can help induce
vivid and lucid dreams.

Event Details:

When: October 26th

Time: 6:00 PM

Where: Teepee Tent @
Be Better Bonds Holistic Health
Camdenton, Missouri

To join us please register by IM, text, or email to deeplyrootedreiki@gmail.com
Send payment:
Venmo @kalise-lischwe or @bebetterbonds
PayPal kblondie1@outlook.com

$33 a person

Questions or for more information email deeplyrootedreiki@gmail.com

Hope to see you there!


$33 per person

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To reserve your spot send your payment using the button labeled "PayPal", AND click going on the Facebook Event!