Paddleboard Yin Yoga

June 4                       June 11

June 18                     June 23


  • 35$ a Ticket, Board Provided.


  • Meet at Pa He Tsi Boat Ramp


  • June 11th class starts at 9am, all others start at 8 AM!


Maybe you’ve heard of mat yin yoga? In paddle board yin yoga our class will hold supported poses 2-3 minutes, moving slowly while releasing stress and focusing on our breath work (pranayama). During our longer yoga pose holds, the waves will gently rock you deeper into the stretch! Holding poses longer will help gently release the connective tissue, ligaments, and fascia. This quiet and calm practice will leave you feeling refreshed and focused. Class rate runs $35 for an hour and a half. We start all classes with sup 101 (getting familiar with the board and paddle strokes) and head to the water for our paddle warm-up!

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