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Certified Ayurveda Practitioner
Certified Ayurveda Nutritionist
Human Design
Certified 500 YTT
Certified QHHT Practioner                                                                                      Certified Angel and Usui Reiki Master
Certified Aerial Arts Instructor
Certified Chakra Practitioner
Certified Akashic Records Healer
Certified Master Sound Healer
SUP Yoga Company Owner/Instructor



Winter Health and Ayurveda


The body needs to find balance to be at optimal health. The healing is within us and daily practices, herbal teas, movement, and meditation. Ayurveda helps you discover your bodies blueprint and maintain a balance by being conscious of our bodies needs. Winter in Ayurveda is associated with the vata dosha. Which means it can be a time of scatteredness, cold, dry, mobile, subtle, rough energy. Both in the mind and body.
Ayurveda tips for winter as we transition, Keep your ears covered and your ears warm, air enters through the ears which we call Vayu and goes into the body. In Ayurveda we call it Vata when that’s high we feel an agitated nervous system and sensitivity.
Start your day with a warm water, lemon, and ginger and herbal teas.
Make your midday meal your heaviest, we don’t want to eat a lot in the evening.
Agni is very strong during winter. Due to the gastric fire being very high, people feel hungrier and can digest food better during this cold season.
This is the time to build up the seven dhatus and nourish the mind and the body by eating properly and getting more rest. Eat warm, nutritious and home cooked food. Try to include steamed vegetables and hot soups and stews. Eat more food with sour, sweet and salty taste.
Have a morning routine! The vata dosha responds well to a grounding nourishing practice. If you feel a bit scattered and anxious. This can be meditation, journaling, a yoga practice, or walk outside this with help you feel grounded.
The winter time is when our skin gets dry inside and outside. Oiling up the body called Abhyanga in Ayurveda daily to help keep the skin hydrated. It also helps stimulates the nervous system and the lymphatic system. You can also put a little oil (nasya oil in Ayurveda) right underneath the nostril if you're nose is feeling extra dry.
In the winter time sesame oil is a good universal dosha oil to massage in circular fashion up and down your body, even your scalp.
The winter medicine is sleep, silence, stillness try for a bedtime routine no later then 10pm.
Pm to book an Ayurveda consult, where we can work together to find balance in your life, mind, body, and soul!

Kali'a 2024

NOW Booking private group classes for summer 2024! Find your bliss with us on the beautiful lake while we head into our 8th year of teaching on the water! Grab your group and give us a call! We can launch from our beautiful location or travel to yours
Physical Benefits of SUP Yoga:
Improves the body’s proprioception
Improves physical endurance
Improves lung capacity
Improves balance
Improves cardiovascular endurance
Helps with weight loss
Improved muscle strength
Improves flexibility
Improves core strength
Helps to improve psychomotricity and coordination

What's SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding)?

SUP is an amazing form of outdoor fitness! If you love being outdoors and active on the water it’s the sport for! SUP originated in Hawaii. My SUP boards are larger then a regular paddle board, with a deck pad the size of a yoga mat for my sup yoga classes. The paddle board is made of bamboo with a yoga type cushion for comfort during class (deck pad). During the hour and a half we start with sup 101 learning about the board and the basic paddling stroke. After sup 101 eight students are launched into the lake with a paddle and life preserver. We paddle warm up to our anchoring spot for the yoga portion. We hook together with my anchor system and I instruct the class from the front!  During class I ensure safety tucked away in a quiet cove with calm waters. Class consists of beginner low ground yoga poses to the board. Ending with a paddle cool down heading back to launch spot!

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